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Traditional Acupuncture in Berkhamsted


I approached acupuncture initially as a way of relieving stress and anxiety. In all honesty, I thought it would have the same effect as a massage or an afternoon at the spa, mild and temporary relief.
What I discovered is that it is far more than that; it’s life changing. As someone with chronic worrying habits and minor but continual physical ailments (some of which I had begun to think were the norm until my first consultation!), the treatment I’ve received from Melanie has helped me in a way other medicines and counselling never have.

Rather than figure everything out for yourself, which can at times cause more anxiety, Melanie’s acupuncture changes the way your body works so that those issues don’t penetrate in the way they used to. I feel like my body is working with me rather than against me with a sense of calm and of being myself again, after many years of stress that has accumulated with effects I hadn’t even been aware of.

Melanie is the best; sensitive, practical, encouraging and fantastic at her job. I feel blessed to have met her.

Can’t recommend highly enough.

Laura - Chesham

I first came for an appointment with Melanie as I was at the end and felt I needed to try a new angle as medical and other practitioners could not help me. When I came to Melanie I felt extremely comfortable and felt so happy to meet someone so warm and professional. I could tell straight away that this lady knows what she is doing.
She started to treat me and I felt she really helped me. There was something though that Melanie felt and I knew as well that was not quite right. Melanie urged me to not give up with going back to the doctor and asking for someone to take another look as I was not well.
Eventually I was diagnosed with cancer and had gruelling treatment. This was so very tough on so many levels but Melanie was my shining beacon and helped me when I was at rock bottom on many occasions and was there for me through acupuncture. She was there for me as a very amazing human being for someone in such need.

I would shout it from the roof tops and most of the time I do as Melanie truly is an angel in my eyes and was my rock.

Jo . McLaughlin - Berkhamsted

Within the first three sessions, Melanie made a huge improvement to my psoriasis, where conventional medicine had failed.
Melanie is very professional, friendly and inspires confidence.
I cannot overstate the improvements she has made to my psoriasis and also other health issues. Results far exceeded my expectations, as the psoriasis on my feet and hands has almost gone now. What was once a painful and distressing condition, has now become pain free and manageable.

The fact that I make a round trip of 400 miles to continue to be treated by Melanie, speaks for itself.

T. Slater - Lancashire

I was in urgent need of a hip replacement, but my consultants were reluctant to do it due to my underlying autoimmune disease. I decided to go and see Melanie. She helped keep me mobile, with my pain under control and in the best possible health to finally have the operation. She was always empathetic, often spotted things that I had not seen for myself and between us we enabled me to keep my life and my work going before and after the operation. Our appointments have been a point of relaxation and nearly always laughter for the last year. Now, four months after the hip replacement I am in excellent health and nearly ready to reduce my regular visits to Melanie.

She has been enormously important in getting me to this point and I will be back when I next have a crisis in my health.

HLD - Hertfordshire

Having suffered with a shoulder injury for 18 months I tried every medical and surgical intervention to no avail. As a last resort, I thought I would try acupuncture. I will admit I was a total sceptic, not really believing it could make a difference but really had nothing to lose. In just 3 sessions over 4 weeks I am completely pain free and back to participating in high impact sport with no ill effects at all.

I would absolutely recommend Melanie. She explained the process throughout, was calming and re-assuring but more than anything else, effective at eliminating my pain. Remarkable.

Lyndsey Simpson - Berkhamsted

I came to Melanie with various health issues but one main one that I was very worried about. This condition was diagnosed by my doctor and is said to be incurable. It was degenerative, and can get worse over time and has some pretty devastating consequences. Melanie cured this condition. I have since seen my doctor for unrelated issues and she was amazed that the condition had resolved. It was not instant but over the course of a few sessions it faded and then finally disappeared completely. My husband and my 8 year old daughter are now also being treated for other issues.
Acupuncture has been the route for us to fantastic health and well being. I cannot recommend it, or Melanie highly enough.

Amanda Morris - Berkhamsted

Acupuncture was recommended to me by a relative and, despite my initial fear of needles, I decided to contact Melanie and give it a go.  I have been amazed by the results and with Melanie's calm and professional guidance I have not been at all unnerved by the needles. Once you experience their healing power, there's no going back! 

Melanie is very warm and approachable whilst always maintaining a very professional and confidential approach.  She prepares in advance for each session but she often adapts her treatment plan once she's had a consultation with you at the beginning of the session to ensure that she addresses how you're feeling at that particular time. Melanie draws on her extensive knowledge and experience to find the best way forward for her clients. 

I originally came to Melanie for assistance with a physical health issue and have now progressed to working on coming to terms with some more emotional, trauma-based issues that affect my day-to-day life.  I find the treatments uplifting and strengthening and the effects long-lasting. I can't thank Melanie enough for all she has done/is doing for me and I look forward to many more sessions!  

Rebecca Gravell - Hertfordshire

I came to see Melanie after several months of thinking about trying acupuncture. I was very unsure that it could help but eventually I decided to give it a try. After a long period of stress I had developed frequent palpitations, I was sleeping badly and felt exhausted all the time. I found Melanie very professional and easy to talk to and the acupuncture sessions were very calming. After 3 sessions my sleep had improved and after 5 sessions my palpitations had disappeared and so far have not returned.

I am amazed and very grateful that I feel so much better.

B.H. Berkhamsted

I originally went to see Melanie to help regulate my periods with the goal to fall pregnant. During my treatments I suffered a bereavement of someone very close to me and the acupuncture really helped me cope with the loss.
Melanie is a pleasure to work with, she is extremely easy to talk to and effortlessly guides you through the how and whats of acupuncture. Needless to say the acupuncture worked! After discovering I was pregnant I continued to see Melanie throughout my pregnancy, the acupuncture helped me remain calm and focused throughout.

I cannot recommend Melanie enough.

Mrs M

In the 40th week of my pregnancy the hospital expressed concern that the amniotic fluid around my baby was measuring small, therefore they decided to induce me on my due date. On examination the hospital informed me I was showing no sign of dilation so I was concerned I would have a more difficult birth as I didn't appear to be ready to deliver. I tried every trick in the book and nothing was making progress. I had 3 sweeps and still only managed to get to 1cm dilation. I had read that Acupuncture could help so I contacted Melanie who treated me the next morning. Melanie used a few needles in key trigger points to help my situation. The treatment was relatively pain free and actually quite relaxing.

The next day I was back at the hospital for another examination and they were very 'surprised at the difference in dilation' and very interested to learn what I had done to get to almost 3cm in one day. 
The day before due date the hospital measured the fluid again and it had gone back to a normal level, therefore induction was cancelled. I went on to deliver 8 days late, but in the mean time visited Melanie two more times for treatment with the mindset of trying to avoid induction after 12 days over. When my labour started it was fairly constant and I managed to get to established labour in about 5 hours and then went on to have a gorgeous little girl about 11 hours after that. 

I really believe Melanie's treatment assisted the increase in amniotic fluid and also triggered the rapid increase in dilation. Her calm, friendly and accommodating approach helped me get through the worries associated with my multiple hospital examinations in the final week. I am very grateful to Melanie for her contribution to my labour journey, as with her help (and also through practising pregnancy yoga) I believe I managed to have a less stressful labour without medical intervention. 

Debbie Shrimpton - Berkhamsted

I was recommended to see Melanie by a friend. I was suffering from severe muscle strain in my legs from running and every step I took was agony. My GP could offer no help or advice. I have since visited Melanie about my endometriosis and also severe allergies, that I have had since a child. I have found that I’ve benefitted immensely from the treatment, where normal medicine has not been able to help. I have found it to be extremely beneficial to both my health and well being.

Jo - Hertfordshire

I had acupuncture to treat hay fever. My first treatment came when I was in the middle of a nasty episode, my eyes were so swollen they had almost closed I also had a runny nose and was sneezing constantly. Using conventional treatments will often take hours to calm it down if at all and sometimes I double up on different medications. whereas after my first acupuncture treatment with Melanie, I noticed not only had the symptoms dramatically subsided but remained at bay for a few days with this period getting longer with each treatment. I didn't take any further medications for the rest of the summer.

Mr D - Berkhamsted

Having acupuncture with Melanie has made me feel much better. I now have a zest for life which I had lost due to constant pain and depression caused by arthritis.

Mr H - Hertfordshire

Acupuncture from Melanie is helping me to cope with long term chronic illness and pain resulting from diabetes, angina, IBS and arthritis. Not only have my symptoms improved, but I have a feeling of well being and friends say that I look well even on the days when I’m not at my best.

Mrs. E.W - Hertfordshire

Whilst participating in a free-running class I attempted a backflip and landed badly on my neck and shoulder. My right shoulder drastically dropped in comparison to the left and I could hardly turn my neck. After being treated by Melanie only once, I could move my neck normally and my right shoulder returned to its original height, there was also a reduction in pain and after a couple of days the pain was gone.

Mr J - Berkhamsted